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Photos of NY in the 1940s by Stanley Kubrick

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Before he was a famous director, Stanley Kubrick was a kid from The Bronx working as a photojournalist for Look Magazine (that's him pictured above). Here is some of his work. You can buy prints via the link at the bottom of this page.
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Photos of NY in the 1940s by Stanley Kubrick - A series of photos by the famous director.
via Design Tell (buy prints)

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Friday 12/2/11 - 10:42:52 PM
Cool way to look back at the not so distant past.
Saturday 12/3/11 - 6:22:10 AM
Pretty cool pics.

Thought I should mention though, that there is a pretty obvious link to nude pics on that page. The picture of the girl in the link is topless herself.
Saturday 12/3/11 - 6:36:21 AM
I've just noticed that the picture in the link itself changes just about each time you load the page. Most of them are topless though.

Of course, that doesn't change where the link leads. On a side note, it was a pretty nice gallery if you appreciate pictures of nude women.
Saturday 12/3/11 - 11:19:05 AM
I guess my adblocker was blocking that link. Thanks for the info.
Saturday 12/3/11 - 11:29:09 AM
I have fixed the post to take out the offending (or maybe not so offending to some) link.
Saturday 12/3/11 - 11:34:22 PM
tit tattler

cool think, though
Saturday 12/3/11 - 11:55:24 PM
all links could benefit from tits
Sunday 12/4/11 - 12:01:01 AM
Fantastic link!

Sunday 1/1/12 - 3:58:03 PM
Someone ban buddy for linking to porn!

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