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Penguins Chase Bubbles [Video]

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Penguins Chase Bubbles [Video] - Fun with a bubble machine and lots of penguins.
Video hosted on Youtube

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Wednesday 11/23/11 - 5:38:56 AM
You know you want to.
Friday 11/30/12 - 7:01:06 AM
really cute video
Friday 11/30/12 - 7:23:53 AM
F*cking adorable
Sunday 12/2/12 - 1:50:36 PM
To me it looks like most of them don't give a damn.
Saturday 5/18/13 - 9:54:05 PM
Penguins! I just want to hug them
Thursday 12/5/13 - 11:57:15 AM
Penguins are my favorite animals. But I can only imagine what happens after they've eaten a bunch of soap (bubbles). That stuff on ice... slickest surface in the world.

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