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Murmuration [Video]

5 comments 3.5 9,197 views 10 years ago in People & Lifestyle
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Murmuration [Video]
It's what you call a collection of starlings.
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Wednesday 11/9/11 - 7:51:25 PM
Never seen so many birds in one place.
Thursday 11/10/11 - 12:00:17 AM
Nature is so fcking cool.
Thursday 11/10/11 - 7:43:05 AM
Thats awesome.
Saturday 11/19/11 - 12:49:03 AM
-is listening to i can walk on water, i can fly by basshunter-

the song makes it 30x more epic. try it
Wednesday 11/23/11 - 3:37:31 AM
Holy sh-t!!

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