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Keep Wall Street Occupied

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Keep Wall Street Occupied - Clever guy with a way to support the occupy protests.
Video hosted on Youtube

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Wednesday 11/2/11 - 11:09:53 PM
Use those business reply envelopes to stick it to the big bankers.
Thursday 11/3/11 - 12:01:18 AM
That'll show 'em.
Thursday 11/3/11 - 12:02:43 AM
Well technically they'll just end up charging customers for it, but it can feel neat to jsut send 'em crap and let 'em know your disapproval.
Friday 11/4/11 - 7:51:40 PM
On Thursday 11/3/11 - 12:02:43 AM le_berger wrote:
Well technically they'll just end up charging customers for it

I think the problem with that is that they will lose a lot of customers if they did that, and I'm sure they would be aware of that too before doing something like that, so that'll be a no-go for them.
Friday 11/4/11 - 7:52:08 PM
Haha, guy's a genius and funny.
Saturday 11/5/11 - 1:05:59 AM
thing is, no they won't
very lil actual competition yo
oligarchy ftmfw

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