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State Trooper Pulls Over City Cop [Video]

6 comments 4.0 12,931 views 10 years ago in News & Politics
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State Trooper Pulls Over City Cop [Video] - Awkward!
Video hosted on Youtube

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Sunday 10/30/11 - 7:35:10 PM
Florida State Trooper pulls over a Miami police officer.
Monday 10/31/11 - 1:37:43 PM
Awesome! I see police do way in excess of the speed limit all the time for no apparent reason and there's no excuse for doing 100+ when you are charged with enforcing laws.
Monday 10/31/11 - 7:46:58 PM
Haha nice.
Tuesday 11/1/11 - 9:19:06 AM
I searched this and read a bit more about it.
Nothing is going to happen to the Miami officer.
Thursday 11/3/11 - 2:50:01 AM
Need some more super troopers like her. Regularly watch police break the law and get away with it, like parking in the fire lane while they eat lunch.
Thursday 11/3/11 - 2:51:10 AM
That's unfortunate bgraham23

Very sad indeed if he doesn't get a ticket like the rest of us would

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