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WTF and Cheese [Video]

16 comments 2.5 10,314 views 10 years ago in Weird/Silly
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WTF and Cheese [Video] - Mmm.... Mac in cheeze.
Video hosted on Youtube

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Friday 10/28/11 - 5:35:00 PM
That's a lot of Mac N' Cheese
Wednesday 11/2/11 - 6:23:29 AM
Wednesday 11/2/11 - 3:58:43 PM
Trying too hard.
Wednesday 11/2/11 - 4:42:06 PM
On Wednesday 11/2/11 - 3:58:43 PM reb0rn4never wrote:
Trying too hard.

Trying too hard???
Wednesday 11/2/11 - 4:52:41 PM
Thursday 11/3/11 - 9:23:53 PM
lol the ending was disgusting. :P
Thursday 11/3/11 - 11:00:15 PM
eh, that was dumb.
Monday 11/7/11 - 9:39:19 PM
Tuesday 11/8/11 - 3:36:08 PM
What a loser.
Wednesday 11/9/11 - 8:53:49 PM
The stupid is strong here.
Thursday 11/10/11 - 1:33:18 PM
On Wednesday 11/2/11 - 3:58:43 PM reb0rn4never wrote:
Trying too hard.
On Wednesday 11/2/11 - 4:42:06 PM mikegrella wrote:
Trying too hard???

Yeah, to be funny.
Friday 11/11/11 - 9:49:27 AM
Yeah, sorry, I feel kind of embarrassed for him.

But, not really, because I'm fairly certain obnoxious internet celebrities get paid a lot of money to be obnoxious.

Wednesday 11/16/11 - 2:59:38 AM
wow, what a waste of food.
Thursday 11/17/11 - 2:29:39 PM
That's not even mildly entertaining. Mikegrella, I'm embarassed for you as you actually thought it was funny enough to share. Your life must be so lame.
Thursday 12/15/11 - 5:48:06 PM
He looked like a baby trying to eat. You know how they get more food on them then in them.
Thursday 12/15/11 - 11:29:39 PM
mike you are just the dumbest.

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