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Quantum Levitation [Video]

5 comments 4.0 15,159 views 10 years ago in Science & Technology
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Quantum Levitation [Video] - I really don't understand how this works, but it's super cool.
Video hosted on Youtube

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Sunday 10/23/11 - 9:46:36 PM
It gets locked in 3D space? What!?
Monday 10/24/11 - 4:34:13 PM
Friday 10/28/11 - 2:35:50 PM
I know that, i think it's a magnet frozen in liquid nitrogen put above another magnet. I think, but i've seen it before....
Sunday 10/30/11 - 12:45:26 PM
Very cool, pretty neat to see it in action.
Sunday 1/8/12 - 8:49:24 PM
and they havent created hoverboard technology yet?

make magnet rails and magnet boards, nitrogen stations, and set them up all over town. you have your flight

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