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Teen Shot 3 Times With Shotgun [Video]

5 comments 4.0 13,020 views 8 years ago in People & Lifestyle
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Teen Shot 3 Times With Shotgun [Video]
Amazing story of survival.
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Sunday 10/9/11 - 8:19:59 PM
Teen tells story of being shot.
Monday 10/10/11 - 1:57:19 PM
Very interesting
Tuesday 10/11/11 - 8:06:37 PM
On Monday 10/10/11 - 1:57:19 PM Swolf_Think wrote:
Very interesting

Wednesday 10/12/11 - 5:40:04 PM
seriously, all you have to say about this is "very interesting?" That is what you are not: very interesting.

This is one of those stories that highlights some very serious problems in America, namely gang activity. If I could just beat into the heads of kids everywhere that gangs are retarded and nothing like video games, I totally would.
Thursday 10/13/11 - 5:38:00 PM
Be sure to watch part two.

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