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Michele Bachmann With a Man's Voice [Video]

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Michele Bachmann With a Man's Voice [Video] - Oh and I think not all the words are exactly right either.
Video hosted on Youtube

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Tuesday 10/4/11 - 2:58:50 AM
What's being said makes more sense to what usually really comes out of her mouth.
Saturday 10/8/11 - 7:56:17 AM
Funny stuff. Would have been better with a woman doing the voice...unless that was a woman with a deep voice. But still...
Sunday 10/9/11 - 7:17:35 PM
Haha wow.
Monday 10/10/11 - 12:10:52 AM
god i LOVE BLR
Monday 10/10/11 - 12:13:42 AM
jackpot fishy poopy pants

oh god i can't breathe
Monday 10/10/11 - 12:17:44 AM
just to let you know, i have not closed the tab with russian unicorn since i first found blr, like a week ago
Friday 10/14/11 - 12:27:11 PM
That's great!
Saturday 10/15/11 - 12:48:22 PM

you guise, they did Mitt Romney

its a video of win
Saturday 10/15/11 - 1:49:50 PM
On Saturday 10/15/11 - 12:48:22 PM imagination wrote:
[link] you guise, they did Mitt Romney its a video of win

Yeah, I saw that one too. And as much as I like Mitt Romney, that was hilarious.

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