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Emails from an A-Hole

13 comments 4.0 16,211 views 9 years ago in Funny
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Emails from an A-Hole
Guy who sends emails just to mess with people. Warning: adult language.
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Tuesday 9/27/11 - 1:04:16 PM
Email pranks. I don't really know what else to say.
Wednesday 9/28/11 - 3:21:39 PM
That is so frekin' awsome, I loved the Jeep Comanche one!
Wednesday 9/28/11 - 3:24:52 PM
OKay nvm, they're all awsome.
Thursday 9/29/11 - 6:18:32 AM
haha i would love to be able to do that and get away with it
Thursday 9/29/11 - 11:13:41 AM
Keep dreaming. You're too "nice" to do anything like that.
Thursday 9/29/11 - 10:01:45 PM
I have read these before and laughed my ass off.
Sunday 10/2/11 - 12:01:42 AM
I lol'd at the porno one.
Sunday 10/2/11 - 2:54:30 AM
these are fantastic
Sunday 10/2/11 - 2:58:22 AM
i concur
Sunday 10/2/11 - 1:57:57 PM
There is another guy that does similar stuff to this. I really wish that I could remember who he is. I have been raking my brain for the last few days to no avail.

Sunday 10/2/11 - 1:58:38 PM
*racking even.
Sunday 10/2/11 - 6:43:40 PM
Monday 10/3/11 - 12:16:24 AM
On Sunday 10/2/11 - 6:43:40 PM otto_ wrote:
[link] That guy?

Yes! Some of his stuff is pretty funny.

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