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Don't Grab it By the Ice Cream [Video]

12 comments 3.0 13,247 views 10 years ago in Weird/Silly
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Don't Grab it By the Ice Cream [Video]
Do you think this is a rule in all McDonald's, or just in New Jersey?
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Sunday 9/25/11 - 11:55:08 PM
Do you think this is a rule in all McDonald's, or just in New Jersey?
Tuesday 9/27/11 - 2:38:56 AM
No image.
Tuesday 9/27/11 - 2:52:12 AM
apparently there's this new "thing" going around called "cone-ing"

it's the new planking apparently.

but, the link doesn't work.
Tuesday 9/27/11 - 2:59:40 AM
Cone-ing seems really fxcking stupid.

What a waste of a perfectly scrumptious Ice cream cone.
Tuesday 9/27/11 - 11:43:03 AM
This trend is so stupid.
Tuesday 9/27/11 - 3:49:43 PM
Link should be fixed.
Wednesday 9/28/11 - 12:00:43 AM
Coning is in fact as stupid as it sounds.
Wednesday 9/28/11 - 6:25:39 AM
"Coning the Barbarian"... O lord that was lame.
Friday 9/30/11 - 2:22:25 PM
Oh God, I hadn't heard of coning before this. I don't understand the point... is it to piss off the employees or something?

And hahaha at "I can mush this in your face."
Friday 9/30/11 - 2:38:28 PM
that dude sounds like a massive dick. Why care if anyone grabs it by the ice cream part? You already have your money.
Friday 9/30/11 - 11:35:36 PM
Mickey D's guy needs to become a cop. He'd be perfect for the job.
Saturday 10/1/11 - 11:48:01 AM
Saw a vid where a guy went cone-ing WHILE planking on top of the car. I'm not a fan either trend, but I have to admit that was rather amusing.

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