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Guy Does Dog Impression [Video]

9 comments 4.0 12,978 views 10 years ago in Funny
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Guy Does Dog Impression [Video] - That would fool me for sure.
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Sunday 9/25/11 - 5:51:27 AM
Great mad dog impression!
Monday 9/26/11 - 12:23:09 PM
I thought this was going to be an impression of the bounty hunter guy.
However, I was very entertained. What a wacky guy.
Monday 9/26/11 - 4:25:43 PM
That guy...funny stuff.
Tuesday 9/27/11 - 11:42:36 AM
Haha! He's got talent.
Wednesday 9/28/11 - 12:30:59 AM
this is older than that guy
Sunday 10/2/11 - 8:56:58 AM
Wow, sounds like the dog.
Monday 10/3/11 - 5:46:08 PM
Wednesday 6/27/12 - 3:03:21 PM
cracks me up how his wife just looks like she's seen it all before
Wednesday 7/4/12 - 10:07:25 PM
Creepy lmao.

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