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Cat's that look like Hitler

9 comments 2.7 11,338 views 10 years ago in Weird/Silly
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Cat's that look like Hitler
Is this really what this world has come to?
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Monday 8/22/11 - 5:58:57 AM
Is this really what this world has come to?
Friday 8/26/11 - 2:37:28 AM
Haha that's great
Friday 8/26/11 - 11:06:05 AM
Friday 8/26/11 - 12:17:27 PM
First time you folks have heard of this site?
Friday 8/26/11 - 1:05:31 PM

Friday 8/26/11 - 6:38:07 PM
I want to get a cat like that and name him Adolf
Saturday 8/27/11 - 7:56:36 PM
Because it looks like Hitler. Who's first name was Adolf. So the Hitler looking cat would be named Adolf. Do you do standup?
Saturday 8/27/11 - 10:54:29 PM
On Friday 8/26/11 - 1:05:31 PM LaBostella wrote:
Cat's? Really?

I noticed too. It makes me cringe.
Thursday 9/8/11 - 8:53:22 PM
Whoever made this website has way too much time on their hands.

And poor cats! How could you ever compare such a cute innocent creature to Hitler!

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