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Clever Products That Look Like Other Things [Pics]

13 comments 2.8 19,921 views 10 years ago in Arts & Literature
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Bear Blood Bag
Camera Pencil Sharpener
Gun Leash
Spray Paint Cocktail Shaker
Knife Paper Towel Holder
Finger Soap
Cupcake Pilloe
Spine Candles
Walkman Lunchbox
Gum iPhone Stand
Car Nail Trimmers
Cassette Tape iPhone Stand
Paper Airplane Cheese Grater
Comb Bike Stand
Like Hook
Shoe Tape Dispenser
Cigarette Pencils
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Clever Products That Look Like Other Things [Pics] - I want pretty much every one of these.
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Tuesday 8/16/11 - 11:58:02 PM
I want pretty much every one of these.
Wednesday 8/17/11 - 12:03:56 AM
haha, that gun leash would definitely turn some heads
Wednesday 8/17/11 - 1:32:47 PM
I hate the gun one. What are the 5 rules of gun safty? I know its not a real gun, but it luls you a mindset thats unsafe, IMO. Its not even funny to play like youre going to shoot your dog. Not my kind of humor.

The shoe tape despenser though? LOVE that one.
Wednesday 8/17/11 - 3:20:33 PM
I got my sister that same cupcake pillow. It was too cute not to buy.
Thursday 8/18/11 - 11:08:06 PM
On Wednesday 8/17/11 - 12:03:56 AM McGoodness wrote:
haha, that gun leash would definitely turn some heads

Friday 8/19/11 - 2:45:25 PM
my favorites out of these:

spine candle
airplane cheesegrater
shoe tape dispenser
Saturday 8/20/11 - 4:58:13 AM
Love the spine candles. I've seen them around.
Hate the gun-dog-leash.
Saturday 8/20/11 - 2:44:26 PM
I want all of those haha except maybe the bike thing.
Saturday 8/20/11 - 2:45:16 PM
And the blood bag xP
Sunday 8/21/11 - 5:14:26 AM
Yeah, the gun leash is a little much. But the blood bag was cute!
Tuesday 9/6/11 - 2:14:04 PM
isnt actually a reAL PICTURE..
Wednesday 9/7/11 - 3:02:50 PM
Omg how cute. Totally want the pillow, tape dispenser, paper towel holder (though maybe thats just because i need one ) , cassette stand.
The finger soap would be freaky, but fun to freak people out with.

I want the pencil cigarettes also to freak people out
Thursday 9/8/11 - 8:51:04 PM
The gun leash is really disturbing and I don't know why you would want anyone to think you are about to shoot your dog.

I love the camera pencil sharpener.

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