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Where is the Red? [Game]

16 comments 2.2 23,641 views 10 years ago in Games
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Where is the Red? [Game]
Waste a little time with a shell game.
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Tuesday 8/16/11 - 12:49:18 AM
Waste a little time with a shell game.
Tuesday 8/16/11 - 12:25:52 PM
So, I'm guessing this is easy because the carni isn't palming the token into his hand half-way through?
Tuesday 8/16/11 - 5:59:06 PM
I made it to level 18, and then I started to get distracted.
Tuesday 8/16/11 - 7:32:27 PM
I had all three lives until level 17, game over at 23.
Tuesday 8/16/11 - 9:17:03 PM
At level two I suspected this game may not be for me.
Thursday 8/18/11 - 7:16:26 PM
I got to level 13 without losing any lives. By level 15, the game was over.
Monday 10/3/11 - 4:33:05 AM
16 without any lives gone. level 18 over
Tuesday 10/4/11 - 10:19:12 AM
On Tuesday 8/16/11 - 9:17:03 PM wiseNsexy wrote:
At level two I suspected this game may not be for me.

Same for me.

Monday 10/1/12 - 11:31:40 AM
Monday 10/1/12 - 11:31:56 AM
Thursday 11/7/13 - 2:20:22 AM
got bored at level 15 (though I had lost two lives by then, one on the first game )
Friday 11/15/13 - 4:07:08 PM
How the hell did you get to level 15? Best I could do was level 4 and then I was going cross eyed from the effort.
Sunday 6/22/14 - 9:05:36 AM
Level 20. then it's tiresome on the eyes.

You just focus on the cross on the reflected "window"
Sunday 8/24/14 - 9:22:43 PM
Got bored at level 10 and quit.Maybe it gets harder, but I couldn't see much difference between level 1 and level 10.
Tuesday 12/6/16 - 2:06:02 AM
This game is clearly not for me.
Thursday 3/30/17 - 8:25:56 AM
Uh.. I only got to level 5

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