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Worst Swimming False Start Ever [Video]

5 comments 3.2 10,472 views 8 years ago in Sports
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Worst Swimming False Start Ever [Video] - Well that's embarrassing.

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Sunday 8/7/11 - 7:10:44 PM
Well that's embarrassing.
Tuesday 8/9/11 - 1:35:12 AM
Looks like he realized it as soon as he did it. Still sucks though.
Friday 8/12/11 - 3:30:50 PM
Looks like it hurt, too.
Friday 8/12/11 - 10:39:00 PM
That's a sucky push-off, but like Victory Rider said, he probably realized it and stopped himself.
Monday 8/22/11 - 12:08:00 PM
That was extremely hilarious! I couldn't help myself but laugh.

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