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Cops Cracking Down on Lemonade Stands [Video]

13 comments 3.0 13,614 views 10 years ago in News & Politics
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Cops Cracking Down on Lemonade Stands [Video] - Can you believe that those three little girls didn't even have a proper business license? I don't blame the cops.
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Monday 8/1/11 - 1:42:46 AM
Can you believe that those three little girls didn't even have a proper business license? I don't blame the cops.
Wednesday 8/3/11 - 2:29:58 AM
know your rules people I don't blame the police, i blame the girls, read the rules.
Wednesday 8/3/11 - 3:19:45 AM
Seriously, selling lemonade is one of the highlights that every kid should do, seriously this is just complete stupid, do they really expect 3 girls have a business liscense? Why would someone get a business liscense even for a lemonade stand.
Wednesday 8/3/11 - 4:06:07 AM
wow, I totally agree with Swolf, that's beyond idiotic. When I was younger, I use to say "F*** the Police", but because of this, now I kind of want to say it again.
Wednesday 8/3/11 - 1:40:39 PM
do it anyways kids, do it anyways. xD
Thursday 8/4/11 - 12:07:08 AM
These three girls are what is wrong in America.
Thursday 8/4/11 - 12:42:56 PM
Ah the iron fist of bureaucracy. It's best to crush that entrepreneurial spirit early on.
Friday 8/5/11 - 12:36:35 PM
You need a license to work and own a little lemonade stand? That's messed up.
Friday 8/5/11 - 5:59:43 PM
I love how the lady makes it sound so tragic. These little girls' dream was crushed. They can now not go to a water park because the police shut down their lemonade stand. Not like their parents could give them money to go or anything like that. That's unheard of.
Friday 8/5/11 - 8:50:34 PM
Do bake sales have to apply for one too? I mean, if they are going to "be consistent" then all those church and school bake sales need one too.
Saturday 8/6/11 - 3:44:02 PM
$50 a day and $180 extra a year? thats a tad expensive for a tiny stall like that
Monday 8/15/11 - 2:33:51 AM
At least they were white girls. I don't think America needs a lemon riot on our hands.
Saturday 10/29/11 - 5:45:36 PM
Give them a break! They were only trying to sell lemonade. I see kids do that all the time.

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