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How to Deactivate a Cat [Video]

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How to Deactivate a Cat [Video] - All it takes is a simple binder clip.
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Thursday 7/21/11 - 6:29:23 PM
All it takes is a simple binder clip.
Friday 7/22/11 - 12:34:08 PM
haha awesome
Saturday 7/23/11 - 3:59:44 PM
Where the HELL is my cat?!?!! :D
Monday 7/25/11 - 10:25:46 PM
Nice, a new time out for cats when they misbehave
Friday 7/29/11 - 4:41:35 AM
do this when you take your cat shopping. careful as if you do it wrong, you may hurt your cat. and before people start saying its cruel, it's done by a vet. if this isn't safe, let me be nutered in this cats place!
Monday 8/22/11 - 12:27:56 PM
I'm taking my aunt's cat and try it myself. Now where's that freaking binder clip? Here kitty kitty kitty! She's doesn't misbehave though, but 'm going to give it a try to see if it really works.

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