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Balloon of Fire [Video]

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Balloon of Fire [Video] - Who could have guessed something might go wrong?

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Tuesday 6/28/11 - 5:33:15 PM
Who could have guessed something might go wrong?
Thursday 6/30/11 - 7:37:10 AM
Oh no! Is the baloon okay!?
Wednesday 7/20/11 - 12:00:51 AM
Gosh! Idiot!
Monday 8/22/11 - 3:20:58 AM
this complies with the law of youtube. the law clearly states the following:

if any person decides to do something unsafe or unnatural, or "crazy" and film it, it WILL go wrong. law also states that the law doesn't apply to professionals or epic persons. thank you for coming to McDonalds, come again soon.

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