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Happy Father's Day! [Video]

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Happy Father's Day! [Video] - Ain't he a great dad?
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Tuesday 6/7/11 - 4:55:44 PM
Ain't he a great dad?
Wednesday 6/8/11 - 12:39:57 AM
LOL, looks like the kids had fun making that video.
Wednesday 6/8/11 - 12:58:03 PM
I will SO make a parody video of this some time. All of these could have ended horrible with different things.

Wednesday 6/8/11 - 1:11:16 PM
this guy annoys me, but at least the kids had fun.
Wednesday 6/8/11 - 5:45:24 PM
Wow, he sure is hyper. I get like that after a few cans of monster.
Wednesday 6/8/11 - 10:52:07 PM
I love the Shaytards
Friday 6/10/11 - 3:06:49 AM
Idiot Dad of the Year.
Friday 6/10/11 - 4:15:20 PM
I hate parents who are aweosome. My parents are the super awesomest.

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