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Justin Bieber Perfume [Video]

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Justin Bieber Perfume [Video] - Is this a real product? If so... really!?
Video hosted on Youtube

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Tuesday 5/24/11 - 7:20:45 PM
Is this a real product? If so... really!?
Wednesday 5/25/11 - 8:23:05 AM
I saw this commerical last night during the season finale of Glee. It was a nice commerical. Looked kind of like a trailer for a movie. And that girl is hawt
Wednesday 5/25/11 - 1:48:18 PM
......what the hell...was that? XD
Wednesday 5/25/11 - 2:35:30 PM
I'm gonna kill myself.
Wednesday 5/25/11 - 8:56:36 PM
My mined was scared in 10 second!!!!!
Thursday 5/26/11 - 2:20:02 AM
Hahaha! Really?!
Saturday 5/28/11 - 2:34:39 AM
This kid probably bathes in money.

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