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Solowheel [Video]

4 comments 3.5 11,977 views 11 years ago in Science & Technology
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Solowheel [Video] - Self-balancing unicycle.
Video hosted on Youtube

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Wednesday 3/2/11 - 7:12:31 PM
Self-balancing unicycle.
Friday 3/4/11 - 3:09:34 AM
Cheaters. Damn technology.
Monday 3/7/11 - 9:57:40 PM
There's nothing 'self-balancing' about a Solowheel at all. The rider is doing all the balancing, & it actually takes a bit of practice to ride one... but whatever.
Wednesday 2/17/16 - 6:19:46 AM
Good to play. Why not use watermark to the video. At least protect it:

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