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Black Swan: The Early Years [Video]

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Black Swan: The Early Years [Video] - First position is not as easy as it looks.
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Wednesday 3/2/11 - 7:08:26 PM
First position is not as easy as it looks.
Thursday 3/3/11 - 4:09:01 AM
Just gorgeous!

My ballet teacher would put little smiley face stickers on the inside of our heels to make sure we were turned out enough.
Thursday 3/3/11 - 6:18:35 AM
Ahahaha, so cute! That teacher seems way nicer than the one I had...
Thursday 3/3/11 - 6:04:59 PM
LoL, aww. Too adorable. I love that she's trying to turn her feet with her hands.

I also like that the teacher is actually teaching to the age level and not screaming at them. Good for her.
Sunday 3/6/11 - 3:40:59 AM
It's also cute how at first she tries turning her hands the way her feet are supposed to go, like her feet will automatically follow!

So precious!

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