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Homeless Man with Golden Voice [Video]

19 comments 3.0 8,944 views 11 years ago in Weird/Silly
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Homeless Man with Golden Voice [Video] - Someone give this man a job!

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Tuesday 1/4/11 - 3:54:26 PM
Someone give this man a job!
Thursday 1/6/11 - 1:42:36 AM
i've actually passed by this guy before.
Thursday 1/6/11 - 2:58:43 AM
Aww... I hope he gets a job. He's got an awesome voice.
Thursday 1/6/11 - 2:59:18 AM
i hoep he teh liek smooth jazz.
Thursday 1/6/11 - 3:01:14 AM
Thursday 1/6/11 - 3:06:19 AM
in smooth jazz?
Thursday 1/6/11 - 9:49:50 AM
On Thursday 1/6/11 - 1:42:36 AM hellonicole wrote:
i've actually passed by this guy before.

Me too!
Thursday 1/6/11 - 12:03:36 PM
he will get a job XD

this vid has gotten 8.000.000+ views in like 3 ddays XD
Thursday 1/6/11 - 12:17:37 PM
This story makes me tear up.

I first watched the video and wanted SO much for someone to offer him a job. And now hes got one!!! OMG. LOVE IT!!
Thursday 1/6/11 - 12:33:17 PM
I just saw him on the Today show. JUST NOW.
Thursday 1/6/11 - 2:20:01 PM
Damn.. no longer available.
Thursday 1/6/11 - 2:24:25 PM
On Thursday 1/6/11 - 3:01:14 AM Floor Demon wrote:

and might live to regret it
Thursday 1/6/11 - 4:06:30 PM
A homeless man with a struggling life and riddled past is proven to struggle and have a riddled past?

Thursday 1/6/11 - 9:35:25 PM
No compassion for all the other homeless people? Where is their 15 minutes of internet fame? lol
Friday 1/7/11 - 12:31:20 AM
He sounds like Obama!
Friday 1/7/11 - 12:01:30 PM
The video helped his mom to find him:
Friday 1/7/11 - 6:23:02 PM
I just hope he will be forced to give 50% of his new money to his ex who raised his kids by herself.
Friday 1/7/11 - 9:23:00 PM
apparently he's already done a voice over for an ad too

I don't see it lasting...
Tuesday 3/8/11 - 7:12:23 PM
Aw I love his voice.

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