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8 Worst Christmas Cards [Pics]

14 comments 2.3 16,864 views 7 years ago in Funny
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8 Worst Christmas Cards [Pics] - I think some of these cards are a cry for help.

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Sunday 12/12/10 - 7:22:28 PM
Ever notice the most awesome cards often feature cats instead of children?
Monday 12/13/10 - 8:12:42 AM
The baseball one didn't seem too bad.
Monday 12/13/10 - 9:10:59 AM
i am now going to repress the cards that i have just seen
Monday 12/13/10 - 1:43:42 PM
I like the last one.
Tuesday 12/14/10 - 1:14:13 AM
Last one is a reason to kill your family.
Tuesday 12/14/10 - 1:26:23 AM
I like how the two in the Cards and Cubs jerseys are leaning away from each other.
Tuesday 12/14/10 - 1:46:03 PM
On Monday 12/13/10 - 1:43:42 PM slinky0 wrote:
I like the last one.

So do I. The guy sure can laugh about himself.
I wonder if Mrs. Parker is telling her husband in a very subtle way that he's not really the father of that baby ...
Tuesday 12/14/10 - 6:31:31 PM
On Tuesday 12/14/10 - 1:14:13 AM Frozen_Life wrote:
Last one is a reason to kill your family.

True hahaha
Wednesday 12/15/10 - 1:04:57 AM
Those aren't so bad. The one with the two people dressed like reindeer holding a puppy bothers me a bit though...
Friday 12/17/10 - 12:08:28 AM
they were all horrible...i freaked about the pregnant choc!
Friday 12/17/10 - 12:08:44 AM
Friday 12/17/10 - 9:44:46 AM
Gotta love number 2.
Thursday 12/23/10 - 4:58:56 PM
On Monday 12/13/10 - 1:43:42 PM slinky0 wrote:
I like the last one.

me too.

The one with the puppy and the antlers: If I ever got a card like that I'd move and not leave a forwarding address. It would just scare me to think those people might know where I live.
Wednesday 12/29/10 - 1:11:08 AM
Lmfao the last one is pretty epic.

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