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Spongebob Voice Actors Dub Classic Films

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Spongebob Voice Actors Dub Classic Films - I didn't think these films could be improved, I was wrong.

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Sunday 12/12/10 - 11:12:44 AM
Spongebob Voice Actors Dub Classic Films
Monday 12/13/10 - 11:38:29 AM
this is f*cking priceless.
Monday 12/13/10 - 4:12:32 PM
That was creepy...
Monday 12/13/10 - 7:36:54 PM
voice acting is getting worse and worse....
Tuesday 12/14/10 - 11:22:57 AM
When was it good, the 90s? Wait, all of them were major characters from 90s animation. 80s? BLAST...most of them. I know! The Jetsons were when mainstream animation last had good voice acting!

What's that? Squidward did his first job on the Jetsons? Well...that episode sucked anyway.

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