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Odd Things on X-Rays [Pics]

14 comments 3.3 14,360 views 11 years ago in Science & Technology
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Knife in Head
It was in his head for 3 years... due to a bar fight.
Paperclip in Arm
Because teenage girls love self-embedding.
Bullet in Head
The guy went to the doctor thinking he had a cyst.
Scissors in Face
A four year old boy was, you guessed it, running with scissors.
Extra Fingers
Those aren't really big fingers, it turns out.
Nail In Wrist
Yep, a do-it-yourselfer with a nail gun.
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Odd Things on X-Rays [Pics] - There are some lessons to be learned here.

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Thursday 10/21/10 - 11:44:14 PM
There are some lessons to be learned here.
Friday 10/22/10 - 4:35:55 AM
That scissors one must have been gruesome.
Friday 10/22/10 - 5:37:21 AM
Friday 10/22/10 - 6:52:53 AM
The coolest one was the paperclip in the arm.
Friday 10/22/10 - 9:03:45 AM
how do you go three years without knowing you had a knife in your head
Friday 10/22/10 - 11:21:24 AM
I thought the paper clip was pretty neat, then I saw the scissors to the face!!! OUCHY!
Friday 10/22/10 - 1:00:32 PM
How do you survive 3 years with a knife in your head?
Friday 10/22/10 - 7:27:09 PM
Insert Jesus joke here:

Saturday 10/23/10 - 10:03:14 PM
What's cool about sticking a paper clip into your arm?
Sunday 10/24/10 - 12:25:37 AM
can i point out how easy u can fake those?
probly sum scrubs got bored xD
Sunday 10/24/10 - 1:58:21 AM
That fingers one looks fake.
Sunday 10/24/10 - 7:44:33 AM
I'd believe anything from x-rays, even if they're easy to fake:

At the psych ward, I once met a girl who had found an innovative way to self harm: She swallowed table knives, forks, stones and whatever. She had the original x-rays in her room (seemed to be kinda proud of them, but that's another story).
Later, my nurse has told me that he has met quite a few patients who did similar things, so it's not that uncommon.
That's why I have no trouble beliving the paper-clip-in-arm picture; people do the weirdest things...
Monday 10/25/10 - 10:41:03 AM
On Saturday 10/23/10 - 10:03:14 PM Koto wrote:
What's cool about sticking a paper clip into your arm?

Nothing whatsoever. However, an x-ray of someone who has already done that is kinda neat looking...
Sunday 11/7/10 - 4:41:50 PM


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