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Europe According to... [Pics]

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Europe According to... [Pics] - Maps of Europe from various stereotypical viewpoints.

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Wednesday 10/20/10 - 12:01:05 AM
Maps of Europe from various stereotypical viewpoints.
Wednesday 10/20/10 - 10:34:04 AM
I find most stereotypical maps to be really unfunny.
Wednesday 10/20/10 - 1:14:23 PM
not really how we in the UK see europe
for one, france is "land of the cheese eating surrender monkeys" and germany is "beer"
Thursday 10/21/10 - 9:59:24 AM
I find the "too cold" of Iceland amusing.
Thursday 10/21/10 - 10:22:13 PM
I see the male genitalia-shaped region known as Scandinavia and Finland as the land of great heavy metal, not "socialist union."

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