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The Ugly Dance

11 comments 4.0 6,099 views 11 years ago in Weird/Silly
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The Ugly Dance
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Friday 10/15/10 - 12:35:39 AM
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Friday 10/15/10 - 4:42:51 AM
That was so simple....And yet so enjoyable.
Friday 10/15/10 - 6:21:13 AM
so much fun
Friday 10/15/10 - 9:33:36 AM
When I realised it was just a ploy for getting me to listen to their song, I smiled, I was like "Ooooh, you guys."
Friday 10/15/10 - 1:47:56 PM
On Friday 10/15/10 - 6:21:13 AM Sammy wrote:
so much fun

Friday 10/15/10 - 3:19:08 PM
Saturday 10/16/10 - 12:39:26 AM
that was fun.
Saturday 10/16/10 - 1:10:36 PM
Yay! Fun for all ages.
Sunday 10/17/10 - 8:22:12 PM
Woo! I got back-up dancers!!! And I actually kind of like the song C:
Monday 10/18/10 - 9:30:00 PM
this is sooooo weird

and yet its probably the best thing I've ever seen on this site ^^
Tuesday 10/19/10 - 10:24:43 AM
That annoyed the hell out of me.

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