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Neighbors From Hell [Video]

12 comments 3.0 6,593 views 11 years ago in Misc.
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Neighbors From Hell [Video] - What the heck is up with these people?

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Friday 10/15/10 - 12:33:11 AM
What the heck is up with these people?
Friday 10/15/10 - 3:44:11 AM
that's horrible

Laurie Lipton is actually a very talented artist...

Friday 10/15/10 - 5:41:06 AM
I can't find the words to describe how disgusted I am.
Friday 10/15/10 - 12:26:01 PM
Those sick bastards. Who the hell would do that to a dying little girl?!
Friday 10/15/10 - 4:15:41 PM
They're gonna get stuff thrown through their window by people who watched this in the area.

I hope it's exploding, burning stuff. And I hope they don't have insurance.
Friday 10/15/10 - 7:30:07 PM
Apparently they did apologize and the woman was arrested for an unrelated incident earlier today.....but still, they are seriously f*cked up people. And apparently have their own children! Scary!
Friday 10/15/10 - 7:49:28 PM
Wow, she's so angry. Just angry at the world.
Friday 10/15/10 - 11:04:33 PM
Jennifer Lynn Petkov is no longer on Facebook.

I'm glad Fox posted her name.
Saturday 10/16/10 - 10:46:11 AM
apparently this all started bc they forgot to invite her to the kid's party with a bouncy castle

always invite your neighbors people!
Sunday 10/17/10 - 3:28:31 AM
This is why I hate people.
Monday 10/18/10 - 12:02:27 PM
I find it hilarious how obsessed this idiot woman is for seemingly no reason. I would be angry, but it's just so pathetic that I can't help but laugh.
Tuesday 10/19/10 - 5:38:11 PM
On Sunday 10/17/10 - 3:28:31 AM panophobia wrote:
This is why I hate people.

agreed thats just sick!!!

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