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Easiest Person to Scare Ever [Video]

7 comments 3.5 6,035 views 11 years ago in Weird/Silly
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Easiest Person to Scare Ever [Video] - This dude has got some issues.
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Monday 10/11/10 - 7:20:45 PM
This dude has got some issues.
Monday 10/11/10 - 11:38:41 PM
Tuesday 10/12/10 - 9:35:36 AM
That sounded pretty fake.
Tuesday 10/12/10 - 7:20:08 PM
I guess I feel a little bad for the guy if this is actually genuine. However, the more I think about it, if one of my coworkers was that jumpy I doubt I would be able to resist messing with him a little bit.

If I was in his shoes, I would put up a mirror behind my monitor to see anyone coming.
Wednesday 10/13/10 - 11:12:35 AM
lmfao. i fell out my chair laughing when he turned and saw the dude. then screamed xD this is something i love watching
Wednesday 10/13/10 - 7:32:01 PM
Agh, I have the same problem
Thursday 10/14/10 - 4:10:59 PM

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