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Impatient Scooter Driver [Video]

11 comments 4.0 5,629 views 11 years ago in Weird/Silly
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Impatient Scooter Driver [Video] - He just can't wait for the elevator like everyone else.
Video hosted on Youtube

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Thursday 10/7/10 - 10:57:51 PM
He just can't wait for the elevator like everyone else.
Thursday 10/7/10 - 11:57:02 PM
Friday 10/8/10 - 2:01:42 AM
so he died.
Friday 10/8/10 - 8:51:30 AM
that is fairly insane.
Friday 10/8/10 - 9:14:00 AM
Yeah, I was sitting there thinking as he rammed it the first time, "what good is that going to do? Doesn't he know he'll just fall?"
Friday 10/8/10 - 1:41:33 PM
Why did he DO that?
Friday 10/8/10 - 3:16:19 PM
Road rage. Wait, no.. Ramp Rage. That's right, kind of a big deal.
Sunday 10/10/10 - 10:33:33 AM
He did actually die. Oops.
Monday 10/11/10 - 8:54:54 AM
Monday 10/11/10 - 10:24:09 AM
was he committing suicide?
Monday 10/11/10 - 12:57:32 PM
dude, what the hell.

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