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Babies Eating Lemons for the First Time [Video]

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Babies Eating Lemons for the First Time [Video] - With the perfect soundtrack.
Video hosted on Youtube

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Saturday 9/11/10 - 1:41:44 PM
some video reaction of babies eating lemon / lime for the first time.
Saturday 9/11/10 - 10:48:36 PM
What a mean thing to do to a baby.
Sunday 9/12/10 - 3:03:46 AM
one of my friends kids has eaten lemons like they're oranges since she was a toddler..
Sunday 9/12/10 - 9:44:15 AM
Sunday 9/12/10 - 12:02:20 PM
Some of them looked like they were going to try again.

Very cute.
Monday 9/13/10 - 7:12:03 AM
The first baby was really giggly about it. How cute!
I love the babies that are like "haha man, whaaat??? You're drating with me!"
Monday 9/13/10 - 2:10:06 PM
Oh my gosh. Too darned cute.
Monday 9/13/10 - 2:29:26 PM
They snuck a LIME in there.
Monday 9/13/10 - 7:31:36 PM
My daughter was the type of baby that LOVED lemons... odd girl.
Tuesday 9/14/10 - 12:38:57 AM
On Monday 9/13/10 - 2:29:26 PM theBSR wrote:
They snuck a LIME in there.

a couple actually, see first post.
Tuesday 9/14/10 - 1:18:14 AM
I still make that face.

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