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The Luckiest People on Earth

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The Luckiest People on Earth - A video some ofl the lucky people that escaped disaster.
Video hosted on Youtube

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Tuesday 9/7/10 - 10:55:47 PM
A video of some of the lucky people that escaped disaster.
Wednesday 9/8/10 - 4:24:41 PM
the last one is HILARIOUS.
Thursday 9/9/10 - 11:51:11 AM
The person at 1.54 should've been wiped out by evolution.
He deliberately crossed a closed railroad crossing.
Friday 9/10/10 - 1:01:47 AM
That second to last one was just a car giving a congratulatory slap on the ass. Nothing wrong with that
Friday 9/17/10 - 7:34:38 PM

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