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Old people playing Wii [Pics]

12 comments 2.7 9,987 views 10 years ago in Funny
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Old people playing Wii [Pics] - Old people like to play games as much as kids do.

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Tuesday 9/7/10 - 12:28:16 PM
Old people like to play games as much as kids do.
Wednesday 9/8/10 - 10:14:25 AM
this is dumb
Wednesday 9/8/10 - 1:51:00 PM
Let's vote, how many think at least one put a wii mote through the t.v.?
Wednesday 9/8/10 - 1:59:59 PM
Aw bless these oldies having a bit of fun.

It weirds me out to think they were once whipper snappers and now the highlight of their day is when they have a regular bowel movement.
Wednesday 9/8/10 - 2:44:26 PM
Look at that killer form.

Wednesday 9/8/10 - 2:55:25 PM
No pun intended.
Wednesday 9/8/10 - 3:04:43 PM
Dude's a bit of a showoff. I bet he's a jerk irl.
Thursday 9/9/10 - 12:45:29 AM
thats awsome finally dey hav something fun 2 do dat is not bingo
Thursday 9/9/10 - 7:53:56 AM
Wiitirement is sweet.
Thursday 9/9/10 - 6:08:24 PM
luckily my grandparents aren't in any of these photos
Thursday 9/9/10 - 8:28:01 PM
they actually put a home plate on the carpet.
Thursday 9/9/10 - 9:37:59 PM
Go Grandpa! ha

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