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Steampunk House for Sale

5 comments 4.0 6,072 views 9 years ago in People & Lifestyle
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Steampunk House for Sale
Plenty of pics.
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Tuesday 8/24/10 - 2:45:05 PM
title says it all. Plenty of pics.
Thursday 8/26/10 - 8:29:33 AM
That's friggin' cool, I'd so live there.
Thursday 8/26/10 - 11:47:09 AM
The pc was neat, but the rest was just a few stand-alone pieces. There was only one mural, and it was pretty simplistic.

I've seen much cooler houses. Maybe I'm spoilt.
Thursday 8/26/10 - 2:47:16 PM
I love the piano, or was that a computer?
Thursday 8/26/10 - 10:05:04 PM
That was really sweet house love it :)

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