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Asylum [Game]

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Asylum [Game]
Insane stuffed animal toys need your help! Point and click game.
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Wednesday 8/11/10 - 1:13:05 AM
Insane stuffed animal toys need your help!
Friday 8/13/10 - 8:56:11 AM
I used to love playing this! I forgot about it entirely; haven't seenthis game in about 5 years. Thanks for digging it up.
Friday 8/13/10 - 10:19:47 AM
I've been playing for 5 mins but don't see the goal of the game.
Friday 8/13/10 - 11:54:30 AM
Oh It kept me busy for a long time
Saturday 8/14/10 - 7:26:37 AM
it's not a game
it's a sales tactic
Saturday 8/14/10 - 2:57:38 PM
It reminds me of when I was in for psychiatric care which was grouped with an eating disorder unit. Those stuffed animals are so endearing and lovable.
Great sales tactic but also GREAT GAME
Thursday 8/23/12 - 11:54:44 PM
I LOVE this game. Unfortunately, none of them got cured by me!

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