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Epic Coaster [Game]

11 comments 3.8 16,827 views 8 years ago in Games
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Epic Coaster [Game]
Press the space bar to jump the coaster.
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Thursday 7/29/10 - 8:43:00 PM
A one button game similar to Canabalt in which you control a roller coaster.
Saturday 7/31/10 - 8:04:51 AM
224, 063 was my best score.
Saturday 7/31/10 - 11:32:48 AM
and 334, 503 was my best
Sunday 8/1/10 - 3:27:53 PM
That was pretty good fun for a simple game.
Monday 8/2/10 - 5:44:35 AM
343,653 so far. This is seriously similar to Canabalt, but still very fun.

And now my vision has gone all Guitar Hero. Everything is warping to the left. Urrrrgh.
Monday 8/2/10 - 9:51:07 AM
That was a pretty good game for only hitting one button :)
Thursday 9/16/10 - 9:40:58 PM
Friday 9/17/10 - 1:36:33 AM
That made me dizzy after about 10 seconds.
Friday 9/17/10 - 5:40:15 PM

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