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Lindsay Lohan's Latest Mugshot [Pic]

5 comments 3.0 4,896 views 11 years ago in News & Politics
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Lindsay Lohan's Latest Mugshot [Pic] - In case you were curious.

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Thursday 7/22/10 - 7:47:20 PM
In case you were curious.
Friday 7/23/10 - 3:45:13 PM
that does not even look nothing like her....
Saturday 7/24/10 - 8:12:34 AM
She looks like a murderer in that picture.
Saturday 7/24/10 - 3:52:30 PM
she looks like craip lol XD
Sunday 7/25/10 - 12:38:27 AM
Her skin, hair, lips and teeth are all the same color....

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