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9 Logos with Hidden Messages [Pics]

27 comments 3.2 338,810 views 12 years ago in Arts & Literature
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Do you see the silhouette of the bear? The chocolate is made in Bern, Switzerland which is known as the "city of the bears".
If you look closely, you can see two people holding a chip over a bowl of salsa.
Did you notice this logo is made up of the letters "M" and "B" (for Milwaukee Brewers).
Did you notice the compass pointing to the Northwest?
Do you see the number "31"? This is because they have 31 flavors of ice cream.
Do you see how it spells "SUN" in every direction?
Do you see the arrow between the "E" and the "x"? (submitted by x-funeral)
The number "11" is hidden in this logo, due to the fact that there are actually 11 teams in the big 10. (submitted by OlllllllO)
Do you see the child and adult faces? (submitted by OlllllllO)
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9 Logos with Hidden Messages [Pics] - Did you notice them all?

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Wednesday 7/14/10 - 4:05:32 PM
Did you notice them all?
Thursday 7/15/10 - 2:25:40 AM
The northwest and the Sun ones were actually pretty clever.
Thursday 7/15/10 - 4:15:55 AM
Cool I thought it was going to include the FED EX logo

it has an arrow between the E and X

Thursday 7/15/10 - 10:04:51 AM
11 hidden in Big 10 logo:

H/W in the Hartford Whalers logo:

Child/Adult faces & Africa:
Thursday 7/15/10 - 12:11:17 PM
Thanks for the additional ones! I have updated the list with some of the ones you guys suggested.
Thursday 7/15/10 - 12:43:18 PM
All of those are really obvious and I honestly thought everyone knew those were there.

Except for the first one.
Thursday 7/15/10 - 4:32:42 PM
How do people not notice the Northwest Airlines one? It's not exactly hidden.
Thursday 7/15/10 - 6:21:41 PM
The cleverest logo with a hidden message is Amazon, imho. With the arrow pointing from A to Z, implying that they stock everything you might need.
Thursday 7/15/10 - 10:13:28 PM
On Thursday 7/15/10 - 4:32:42 PM Koto wrote:
How do people not notice the Northwest Airlines one? It's not exactly hidden.

I always saw the compass solely as an N/W.
And I think the fed ex couldve just as easily been a mistake. There really is no design decision that makes the arrow except to put the letters really close together.
Friday 7/16/10 - 9:59:37 AM
I've never heard of any of these companies.
Friday 7/16/10 - 2:13:14 PM

except for toblerone.
Friday 7/16/10 - 3:57:15 PM
I never noticed the Baskin robbins thing or the fed ex thing and it is so annoying now that I have read this because it is all that I friggin see when I see those logos. Yesterday I drove by an airport and there was like a billion fed ex trucks!
Saturday 7/17/10 - 5:30:26 PM
i noticed half of those on my own but hey u also know that the goodwill logo is a g and half a smiley face?
Monday 7/19/10 - 12:19:01 AM
I'm surprised even Snopes doesn't have the answer about this one.

A lot of people are talking about the naked man with the hard on, looking right, in the camel's front leg.

It's not exactly that. In advertising, an illustrator cannot sign his art.
This guy, who was originally from Brussel, Belgium, incorporated in the camel the city most famous landmark, the Manneken Pis
Friday 7/23/10 - 9:00:48 PM
Great logos and great list.
Thanks for sharing.

Soendoro Soetanto
Sunday 7/25/10 - 11:25:12 AM
Okay, someone circle the one in the Fed Ex logo cuz I'm not seeing it (saw the others, tho - most of them YEARS ago)...
Sunday 7/25/10 - 2:13:16 PM
the sun one was so obvious Id hardly call it

the ones I didnt see were NW and fedex!
Tuesday 7/27/10 - 5:56:20 PM
I hope this link was a joke because these are all so obvious. They're meant to be clever, not hidden.
Wednesday 7/28/10 - 9:14:27 PM
On Tuesday 7/27/10 - 5:56:20 PM snarenathan wrote:
I hope this link was a joke because these are all so obvious. They're meant to be clever, not hidden.

well, look at you with your superhuman powers of observation.
Monday 8/2/10 - 10:43:32 PM
I honestly never noticed the bear before. I'm not a fan of that candy, but the bear is a nice touch.

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