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Geeky My Little Pony Mods [Pics]

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Geeky My Little Pony Mods [Pics] - My Little Ponies aren't just for little girls.

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Tuesday 7/13/10 - 5:17:17 PM
My Little Ponies aren't just for little girls.
Wednesday 7/14/10 - 1:10:51 PM
Wow, those are really cool! Someone put a lot of work into those things!
Wednesday 7/14/10 - 1:28:46 PM
I like that the last one has a beard.
They should do more beards on the actual retail ones.
Wednesday 7/14/10 - 4:09:03 PM
They're really cool! I liked Batman and Robin and Edward Scissorhands.
Wednesday 7/14/10 - 5:28:05 PM
Wow I wasn't expecting to be impressed when I clicked the link but those are actually pretty cool. Edward Scissorhands and the Han Solo in Carbonite were my favorites.
Sunday 7/18/10 - 9:14:52 PM
Especially all the Star Wars ones
And Spok!

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