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Least Appetizing Food Ever [Pics]

12 comments 2.5 14,344 views 9 years ago in People & Lifestyle
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Least Appetizing Food Ever [Pics] - Food cooked by a Russian chef.

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Friday 7/9/10 - 4:36:16 PM
Food cooked by a Russian chef.
Saturday 7/10/10 - 4:16:16 AM
well, those could have come easily from Kansas City as well.
Saturday 7/10/10 - 12:18:51 PM
I'd need a lot of Stoli before any of that looked good.
Saturday 7/10/10 - 12:56:18 PM
Ew, hot dog soup.
Saturday 7/10/10 - 1:54:48 PM
I would have eaten the cake... that's it.
Saturday 7/10/10 - 7:14:21 PM
On Saturday 7/10/10 - 1:54:48 PM LuckyC11 wrote:
I would have eaten the cake... that's it.

Same here.
Saturday 7/10/10 - 8:15:55 PM
I bet some of that tastes good even though it looks like doo doo. Like.. those snowmen on toast. What IS that?
Saturday 7/10/10 - 8:16:26 PM
^ I'm saying it looks like doo doo, not that it probably tastes good.
Sunday 7/11/10 - 1:27:02 AM
Some of that actually looked kinda good...
Sunday 7/11/10 - 5:01:22 PM
Thanks Buddy I was just about to go make dinner, but now...
Sunday 7/11/10 - 11:33:18 PM
lol - loved the chicken drumsticks
Tuesday 7/13/10 - 12:38:07 PM
the chickens with the fruit heads looked good, actually. Am I the only one who thinks that?

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