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Weird Clouds [Pics]

10 comments 3.7 15,563 views 12 years ago in Science & Technology
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Weird Clouds [Pics] - Clouds that would make you stop and look twice.

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Thursday 7/8/10 - 11:10:13 AM
Lots of pictures of strange clouds
Friday 7/9/10 - 2:18:23 AM
some of those are pretty epic!
Friday 7/9/10 - 3:06:23 AM
stranger than I ever imagined a cloud could look, yet amazing at the same time.
Friday 7/9/10 - 3:09:03 AM

Friday 7/9/10 - 7:58:27 AM
Those were not what I had expected, but really interesting.

The long roll clouds I've seen before. There's a place that happens really often in Cairns, where the wind/clouds roll off the Tablelands- it's far more amazing in real life.
Friday 7/9/10 - 10:08:12 AM
This one happened one day about two years ago while I was at school. Everyone walking to class stopped and took pictures.

And it looks like that picture was also from Texas. I wonder if that cloud formation is more likely to happen there for some reason.

Saturday 7/10/10 - 1:48:40 AM
I have a picture on my out-of-service phone of a formation that looks exactly like the first one, but being closely followed by an enormous death cloud.
Saturday 7/10/10 - 8:23:50 PM
Vagina clouds! UFO clouds! Volcano clouds!

How DO those swirly UFO clouds form? That'd be interesting to know.
Sunday 7/11/10 - 3:29:58 AM
wonders of nature~
Sunday 7/11/10 - 6:27:06 PM
when I saw the type of clouds in pic 5 and 11, it was o the night of a full moon. It's really pretty in real life. I've seen ones that look like waves, too. I like clouds.

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