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Teen Talk Dictionary [Pic]

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Teen Talk Dictionary [Pic] - At least a few of these are just plain wrong.

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Wednesday 6/30/10 - 2:12:16 PM
At least a few of these are just plain wrong.
Wednesday 6/30/10 - 6:07:45 PM

"that is so fetch!"
Wednesday 6/30/10 - 6:24:25 PM
I love their definition of fap.
Wednesday 6/30/10 - 7:02:22 PM
I haven't even heard half those words
Wednesday 6/30/10 - 7:13:53 PM
Secks is apparently something undesirable nowadays. Whodathunk.
Wednesday 6/30/10 - 7:42:34 PM
adults trying to understand teen as bad as fox
Wednesday 6/30/10 - 7:55:06 PM
"I had six beers, and now I am totally fap."
Wednesday 6/30/10 - 8:25:31 PM
On Wednesday 6/30/10 - 7:42:34 PM animeteen wrote:
adults trying to understand teen as bad as fox

What? Seriously... what?

I assume the people who think teens actually have their own "language" are the ones who think the high schools portrayed in teen movies is based on fact.
Wednesday 6/30/10 - 9:30:19 PM
I'm a lifter so it's time to gronk out so I can dip out for work in the morning in my E-class to earn some more cheddar. I get to work but I end up cyberloafing the whole day. On my way home I run over a noob grommet and now he's a grip, and my my E-class is totally jacked so lets call it a hooptie from now on. Mack day, I need a durri.
Wednesday 6/30/10 - 10:57:44 PM
oh man, I can only imagine the confused look on an adolescent's face when their parent misuses slang words that they learned from a newspaper article in a desperate last-ditch effort to communicate with their children

fact: some kids might use a lot of slang but they also speak this language called "english". try it sometime!
Thursday 7/1/10 - 10:58:01 AM
Pro Tip: Don't try to be 'cool' with adolecents, you will just come across as a douchebag.
Thursday 7/1/10 - 11:49:40 AM
I like fap. It would be awesome to have a parent say fap like that.
Thursday 7/1/10 - 1:14:00 PM
Kids actually say this douchy sh*t?
Thursday 7/1/10 - 6:16:57 PM
fo shizz lol get ur swerve on lmao
Thursday 7/1/10 - 9:56:26 PM
Apparently I'm hanging out with the wrong type of teenagers.
I've hardly even heard of half of those words.

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