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14 Poorly Named Companies [Pics]

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14 Poorly Named Companies [Pics] - I'm sure they were all innocent mistakes.

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Wednesday 6/30/10 - 1:51:05 PM
File these under "What were they thinking?"
Wednesday 6/30/10 - 8:11:32 PM
I'm sure I'm being naïve, but some of those weren't making sense to me...
Wednesday 6/30/10 - 10:31:03 PM
I really enjoy Hole Juice.
Wednesday 6/30/10 - 10:50:02 PM
Haha, S.T.D. Flea Market is in my hometown. I always thought it was weird. There was another location that isn't there anymore, so I didn't know if it was still around. I did a reverse-lookup on the phone number, and it is, but I'm never in that part of town. I always wondered what they were thinking when they named that place. =P
Thursday 7/1/10 - 12:11:31 AM
On Wednesday 6/30/10 - 8:11:32 PM hamletsghost wrote:
I'm sure I'm being naïve, but some of those weren't making sense to me...

Which ones? I'll explain.
Thursday 7/1/10 - 1:24:59 AM
On Thursday 7/1/10 - 12:11:31 AM buddy wrote:
Which ones? I'll explain.

The THC one, and the Ghetto (I know what ghetto is, but I assume that it's meant to have a sexual connotation?)
Thursday 7/1/10 - 1:27:20 AM
THC is a marijuana thing....Ghetto is not a nice place, so it's bad to dine there.
Thursday 7/1/10 - 1:34:21 AM
There's a place in my town called Master Bait & Tackle.

They mostly sell t-shirts.
Thursday 7/1/10 - 1:43:14 AM
Dude, no way, the Tranny Shop in Austin is actually in my Austin XD lol.. Never really paid attention to that sign though I see it all the time.
Thursday 7/1/10 - 11:46:04 AM
Pump N Munch is dumb.
Friday 7/2/10 - 10:53:51 AM
my uncle saw this place called The Brown Book Store and below the title it said Dictionaries, References, Encyclopedias, STDs...
Saturday 7/10/10 - 11:17:45 PM
lol golden flow killed me
Friday 4/22/11 - 3:19:00 PM
LOL! the glory hole

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