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7 Most Psychotic Girlfriends

7 comments 3.5 6,506 views 9 years ago in People & Lifestyle
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7 Most Psychotic Girlfriends
Interesting coverage of some psycho girlfriends out there
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Tuesday 6/29/10 - 1:34:57 AM
Interesting coverage of some psycho girlfriends out there
Wednesday 6/30/10 - 2:50:36 PM
the WoW one is great.
Wednesday 6/30/10 - 3:01:22 PM
On Wednesday 6/30/10 - 2:50:36 PM jstckndamale wrote:
the WoW one is great.

Only because that computer screen could have been her.
Think about it.
Not such a good idea now, huh ?
Wednesday 6/30/10 - 3:38:59 PM
clearly they have more problems than WoW
Thursday 7/1/10 - 1:58:58 AM
If I were the WoW guy, I would have gone and destroyed any kind of hobby that my girlfriend had. That scrapbook you've been lovingly piecing together for a year? Now it's kindling for the fireplace.
Thursday 7/1/10 - 2:10:33 AM
wow. craaazy WoW freakout! hahahaha. i hope she didn't get sent to the hospital.
Thursday 7/1/10 - 3:09:16 AM
Yeah, because boyfriends can never be psycho or needy. Right?


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