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How to Forecast Weather Without Gadgets

4 comments 3.0 7,039 views 12 years ago in Science & Technology
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How to Forecast Weather Without Gadgets - You probably already know what "Red Sky at Night" means, but there are a bunch more.

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Thursday 6/10/10 - 12:42:41 AM
Just like the title says!
Friday 6/11/10 - 4:28:49 AM
nice! my grandma taught me a lot of these when I was younger. It was good to see that she was right about everything.
Tuesday 6/15/10 - 12:30:05 AM
I took a geography class in HS and found it sooo interesting to learn about how weather works.

Fascinating stuff, I think!
Tuesday 6/15/10 - 12:41:06 AM
I wanted to learn new things.

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