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The SUV Page

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The SUV Page
Blingin` it with your crunk new shnizzy-izzy SUV
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Wednesday 1/14/04 - 8:55:40 PM
Blingin' it with your crunk new shnizzy-izzy SUV Great site with great humor
Wednesday 1/14/04 - 9:06:13 PM
"It's true that SUVs roll over. But so does your dog, and you're not gonna ban dogs just 'cause they roll over are ya? Besides, 9 out of 10 SUV rollovers can be prevented by the driver. Here's how: when you start to feel the vehicle rolling over, just switch your cell phone to your other hand. The sudden shift of weight will right your vehicle instantly. See, with science, we can solve problems. Unfortunately, 1 out of 10 SUVs still rolls over spontaneously even while parked."

bwhaahha! \


Wednesday 1/14/04 - 9:21:37 PM
A friend of mine found it when he was doing research for an essay about SUVs. Cool, no?
Wednesday 1/14/04 - 9:52:25 PM
Super cool
Thursday 1/15/04 - 9:03:12 AM
It's so sarcastic! I love it!
Tuesday 7/26/05 - 12:52:41 PM
It's pretty obvious, I made one of these last week...

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