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Watch me Break this Wood Over my Head

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Watch me Break this Wood Over my Head - Worst motivational speaker ever.

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Friday 5/21/10 - 3:34:19 PM
Worst motivational speaker ever.
Sunday 5/23/10 - 4:55:16 PM
Well at least we know how he came to be so stupid.
Sunday 5/23/10 - 10:39:53 PM
HAhaha, what a fool.
Thursday 5/27/10 - 12:53:08 PM
haha, well at least it worked...finaly
Thursday 5/27/10 - 3:06:28 PM
this dude is a complete idiot
Friday 5/28/10 - 12:23:09 AM
hahaha! oh man. Dude doesn't concede the point that it's a bad idea, even after it doesn't break. In fact, he tries a completely different board when the one he was trying to break was already bent up.

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