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BBC News Bloopers

4 comments 2.7 6,767 views 12 years ago in News & Politics
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BBC News Bloopers - Oh, British people, you sound intelligent even when you're screwing up.
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Tuesday 5/18/10 - 12:30:02 AM
Oh, British people, you should intelligent even when you're screwing up.
Tuesday 5/18/10 - 2:51:28 AM
buddy doesn't should smart
Tuesday 5/18/10 - 9:54:33 AM
On Tuesday 5/18/10 - 2:51:28 AM yellowDog wrote:
buddy doesn't should smart

Tuesday 5/18/10 - 8:27:29 PM
i think he was making fun of buddy for missing wordd.
"should intelligent"


i how we no longer call them reporters but news readers.

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